About Us

Our mission is to provide a shed/building that empowers mainly all men of all ages to socialise together and do things in a practical way that by participation will encourage a development of a good self-esteem for each other and be a support to our local community projects in a good and positive way.

Groombridge Men’s Shed is an organisation who assist mainly men of all ages and background through friendship mentoring and support.We provide care activities for the disabled and the disadvantaged.

We also help support the issues of isolation, loneliness and depression which are faced by many men especially when they stop full-time employment or are looking for work, by providing them with a space, tools and support to help them meet their goals.Men’s Shed provide a place for men – especially those who have retired or are unemployed – to socialise, use their skills to mentor each other with our community projects, in a safe environment.

Groombridge Men’s Shed | Charity Number 1188369